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As life is an ever-changing thing we are always learning..


Anxiety, WorryDepression, Trauma, Flashback & Nightmares can cause us to question our sanity and who we really are!

Life can be complicated, complex, and often a baffling experience, especially now as many of us struggle to make sense of the uncertainty, changes, and fears triggered by life in general thoughts and feelings that have come from underlying issues we have been through in our childhood, youth &/or adulthood, making us question who we are.

I offer you a calm, warm and friendly space from where we can work through your concerns together. I will listen to you with kindness and empathy using an approach tailored to you. We will focus on changing what can be changed and learn to live and grow around those that cannot be. 

I help you develop and nurture a deeper capacity for resilience and confidence that enables you to refocus by learning new strategies that you can face life's painful and difficult challenges, enabling you to have good mental health and wellbeing in all areas of life

'Being Kind To Yourself'' and taking the first step in gaining support just for you. To do this is not always easy! Making the decision to seek therapy can lead to a new way of living with more joy, clarity, and positivity.

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