Laura Clifford-Jones

helping you to achieve health, growth

& restoration through

Counselling, Coaching & Mentorship  

About Me

Laura Clifford-Jones                                       Counsellor, Coach & Mentor

I feel as unique individuals sometimes we require support from others to enable us to deal with past or present issues that inhibit us from the life we would like to live” 

My passion is to support you in achieving good mental & physical health through personal & professional growth & restoration. 




Counselling and Psychotherapy – Laura offers a friendly, confidential and professional counselling service, in a non-judgemental atmosphere, giving you the time and space just to be you.

Life Coaching – Are you still dreaming of that promotion, new job, a better work life balance or just stuck in a rut? Not sure which way to turn for help? Has life changed and you are not sure how to move forward then contact Laura she will work with you to move forward and achieve.



Laura Clifford-Jones                                       Counsellor, Coach & Mentor

e:                                                 t: 01202 385798 or 074965 741450




Laura Clifford-Jones

Everyone from time to time needs support to maintain and/or improve their health and well being thus allowing an opening for creativity, growth and progress to occur. I offer individually tailored Integrative Counselling, Coaching and Eating Disorders, covering all aspects of life from the personal to the professional.

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