Clinical Supervisor – Counsellor / Psychotherapist & Life Coach

As life is an ever-changing thing we are always learning..


I work human-to-human in a Neurodiverse and LGBTQI++ affirmative way and  specialize in various issues each has its own individual page (please take a look for more in-depth information). - Neurodiversity, Eating Disorders/Disordered Eating, LGBTQ++, Trauma Therapy including Sexual Assault, Rape, Historic Sexual Trauma/Abuse, and Childhood Trauma  I also work as a Clinical Supervisor and Life Coach.

I offer you a calm, warm, and friendly space from where we can work through your concerns together. I will listen to you with kindness and empathy using an approach tailored to you. We will focus on changing what can be changed and learn to live and grow around those that cannot be. 

Are you struggling with feelings of fear, anxiety, not feeling good enough, or even feelings of imposter syndrome, trying to hide and/or Mask these feelings as you don't want to worry or burden your family and friends but need someone to listen to what is going on for you! You are not alone... 

Life can be complicated, complex, and often a baffling experience, especially now as many of us struggle to make sense of the uncertainty, changes, and fears triggered by life in general thoughts and feelings that have come from underlying issues we have been through in our childhood, youth &/or adulthood, making us question who we are.

I help you develop and nurture a deeper capacity for resilience and confidence that enables you to refocus by learning new strategies that you can face life's painful and difficult challenges, enabling you to have good mental health and well-being in all areas of life

'Being Kind To Yourself'' and taking the first step in gaining support just for you. To do this is not always easy! Making the decision to seek therapy can lead to a new way of living with more joy, clarity, and positivity.

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As life is an ever-changing thing we are always learning..

A clients feedback

"I am immensely indebted to Laura Clifford Jones for providing professional, client’s problem centred focus and approach to counselling. Laura had been wonderful throughout the sessions with her keen listening and reflective problem solving based on my needs. I feel like living a new life after having been through therapy from her. I highly recommend her services for the future. Although this was the first-ever psychological help I sought and had trust issues. But right after the first few sessions, I was deeply satisfied to share everything and got phenomenal service from Laura. Many times I tried to be dependent on her but she was wonderful in handling my issues and enabling me to stand on my own and get the power to keep going in life smoothly. I wish I had approached these services earlier. Overall, I would give Laura 100/100 for all her support and patience keeping in view my needs. I once again really appreciate Laura for being such a huge support that gave me the courage to face life with a smiling face. Thanks

Laura was a wonderful counselor. She listened to me without judgement and she created a safe space I could come to each week (and sometimes multiple times in one week) where I could vent. This was, by and far, one of the best counseling relationships I’ve ever had. I think anybody could benefit from her respectful, insightful, experienced perspective.


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