“Helping you to achieve good mental health, growth and restoration”


I have been told that I am unique, remarkable and have a genuine impact on the people I come in contact with.

I have achieved what I believe to be an incredible life transformation after suffering from a number of close bereavements and life changing events.   I was full of fear and anxiety of reverting back to my old copying strategies , of  an Eating Disorder, Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and Shutting the World Out. I realised this was not the way I wanted to live my life from now on, so I took a ‘leap of faith’ moving out of my comfort zone and headlong into the big wide world of Personal Development and my own Therapy.

Read a little more about my  life. I started my career in adminstration and accounts for a number of local and national companies, later I moved into childcare and progressed to become a Nursery Manager and owner of my own Childcare Buisness, this led me to become an Early Years Tutor & Assessor.


“I feel as unique individuals sometimes we need the support of others to enable us to live the life we want and know we deserve” Laura


After a 6 year career break, I moved into Leadership and Management becoming an Assessor, Trainer and Faciliator for a South Coast Training Company and Nursery Chain, however I still felt I had more to learn and to give.

My inquisitive mind and thrust for knowledge drove me to continue my studies and take the next step into Counselling, Coaching and Mental Health. These courses helped me to delve deeper into understanding myself, which increased my thrust for knowledge about Young Peoples Issues, Eating Disorders, Personality Traits such as Introversion and Extroversion, and the Law of Attraction.

I am now specialised in working with Young People (aged 11-18 yrs), Eating Disorders and Leadership and Personality Traits. I aim to  live and breathe all that I have learnt as it has totally transformed my life to one of understanding, compassion, inner peace and personal fulfillment.

Adult & Young Person’s Counsellor, Life Coach , Leadership Mentor and Freelance Trainer. My clientele span from Teenagers, Adults, Local Companies, Staff Welfare Schemes and Entrepreneurs. I now dedicates her life to helping others.




   Qualifications & Training


  •  Dip. Therapeutic Counselling
  • L5 Cert. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • L5 Cert. Counselling Young People
  • Cert. in Understanding Autism
  • Practitioner Skills for Eating Disorders
  • Practitioner Skills for the Management of Obesity
  • Nutritional Interventions for Eating Disorders
  • Cert. Life Coaching Studies
  • Dip. Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Dip. NLP Life Skills Coaching
  • Award in Mental Health Issues
  • LCGI. Working with Children & Young People
  • Dip. Child Development & Psychology

Laura’s commitment to you… 

“My commitment to you is that I will walk alongside you during your journey of discovery, thus enabling you to understand what is going on for you and why you are where you are. I will support you in understanding different coping and life strategies.” 

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