Career & Educational Development: Personal & Professional Development & Leadership Skills

Coaching and/or Mentoring enables you to explore personal and professional goals, allowing you to identify the steps you need to take and how to overcome any obstacles.

I can help you with any personal and professional goals, enabling you to see you have the answers, Laura just provides the process, the support, to help you dig out those answers from within. 

I will also support you in learning and implementing strategies to help you reach those goals and move into your dream life.

Lifelong Learning

As a lifelong learner myself I am aware of how important it can be to have support along the journey especially when we reach the stage in a course or qualification, we feel we will never achieve it!  I too have reached this stage several times and was so glad I pushed through with help and achieved.

As a trainer and assessor of many qualifications and courses, I will help you learn coping strategies for times of stress and anxiety, being able to implement a schedule that works for you, a place to go over aspects of the course that are causing concern and stress.

Life Skills & Personal Development

I work to empower people who feel ‘stuck’ to gain perspective and develop the personal resources needed to make better decisions about their life balance, career change, family relationships, and any other aspect of life as appropriate.

I have supported and worked with clients at the transformational level enabling lasting change rather than providing temporary relief.

As a Life Skills Coach, I will support and work with you to learn: -

  • Who you really are
  • What your goals and objectives are
  • What works for you and what doesn’t
  • Strategies and copying mechanisms for every area of your life


Leadership Mentoring

Communication Anxiety "Ninety-two percent of those in more junior positions also cited communication as the main cause of anxiety, especially around networking and presenting ideas to colleagues or customers. Worries include "I'll look and sound stupid", "people will realise I'm not good enough" Beating Workplace Performance - Report by RADA Business

I work with newly-promoted leaders and managers who may feel overwhelmed and unproductive, helping them become more confident, successful, professionals they know they can be. Therefore, if you are a new manager who is overwhelmed by the demands of your new position and would like to discover proven strategies that will help you eliminate the overwhelm, double your productivity, delegate more efficiently and understand your leadership style and become the leader you were born to be.