Neurodiversity, Autism & ADHD

"Neurodiversity is the diversity of human brains and minds, the infinite variation in neurocognitive functioning within our species" Nick Walker.

Neurodiversity or Neurodivergent includes:

Autism (ASC), ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Hyperlexia, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), (Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)Synthesia, Tourettes Syndrome, and even some forms of Epilepsy (this list is not extensive).

I have heard many times that forms of neurodiversity are a dysfunction of the brain and need to be altered, I do not agree and feel this gives the wrong impression to society that there is something wrong if you are neurodiverse, in fact, there is more diversity in the way the brain functions in Neurodiverse individuals than those who are classified as Neurotypical.

Professional & Personal Experience

Professional experience: since qualifying as a counsellor & supervisor I have worked with children, young people, and adults and supervisees (counsellors themselves) who have various types of neurodiversity, with and without a formal diagnosis, and even supported those who would like to gain a formal diagnosis.

I first trained as a Special Educational Needs Assistant in 2002 for both children and adults, then expanded to qualifying and teaching level 2 & 3 Autism Awareness & Mental Health courses in 2018, and in 2022 completed a masterclass in Neurodiversity in Eating Disorders.

Personal experience:- I come from a family where neurodiversity is normal, I myself was diagnosed at the age of nine with Dyslexia, at first I was shamed by school teachers and this left me feeling I was stupid, but now I rejoice in my diversity, my uniqueness, and wonderful thinking 'outside the box' brain - the strength of my character and beliefs has been shaped by my neurodiversity. I am aware this is not the same for everyone who is neurodiverse.

Recently whilst doing updated research I have also realised and accepted I also have a number of ASC traits.


Services Provided

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