Party Season Diet – Drunkorexia

                 Party Season  – ‘Dunkorexia’ Drunkorexia is a colloquialism for self-imposed starvation or binge eating/purging combined with alcohol abuse. The term is generally used to denote the utilisation of extreme weight control methods (such...

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Young People and Self-Harm

Young People and Self-Harm   What do we mean by Self-harm Self-harm is defined in the National Institute of Clinical Excellence guidelines (2004) as “an expression of personal distress, usually made in private, by an individual who hurts him or herself”....

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9 Truths about Eating Disorders

Nine Truths about Eating Disorders Are you confused about Eating Disorders and whom can suffer from them? Eating Disorders & Disordered Eating include varying complexities such as psychological issues, nutritional imbalances and medical complications .  There are...

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