Your Therapist and You are the same!

Your Therapist and You are the same!

I came across The Two Mountains Metaphor, and thought yes, this is something to share... A lot of people including clients thinks as a qualified counsellor I have it all figured out, life is simple and I have no issues to deal with, this is true when I am sat with a client, I put my own worries and issues aside to be with the client and listen to their story.

The Two Mountain Metaphor

A lot of people come to therapy believing that the therapist is some sort of enlightened being, that they have resolved all their issues and they have got it all together, but that's not the way it is.

It's more like you're climbing your mountain over there're and I'm climbing my mountain over here. From where I am on my mountain I can see things on your mountain that you can't see, like there's an avalanche about to happen, the path you are taking is blocked off, I can see an alternative pathway that may be an easier climb, or a polar bear is snoozing at the side of the path in some bushes.

But I'd hate for you to think that I've reached the top of my mountain and I'm sitting back taking it easy. The fact is I'm still climbing, still making mistakes, and still learning from them.

Basically we are all the same. We are all climbing our mountain until the day we die. But here is the think, we can get better and betting at climbing, better at predicting the potential hazards, better at solving problems as they arise, better at planning our climb and better at appreciating the journey.

However recently I have had to deal with a number of family emegencies, which has caused a number of personal and professiona challenges such as, anxiety, stress and worry, am I good enough at the moment!

Yes I am, I can still raise to the challenge by learning how to climb my mountain with the support of others --- I am good enough and that's Okay

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